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Decorating Rooftops with Christmas Lights

Difficulty: Very Difficult

Time Needed: 2 to 3 Hours

Recommended Lights: C9 Lights

Decorating the roof tops, or hips/ridges will add many more lights to the display. Rooftops will add much more character to homes with flat gutter lines and no front facing peaks.

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Install lights on the front eaves as normal. The rooftop will be an add-on. ![Home with C9's on Front]()
  2. Make stringers for the ridges by measuring the length of the ridge and cutting a cord a few feet long. Measurments can be taken by counting the shingle caps or with a tape measure. ![Measuring Ridges]()
  3. Assemble the stringers using gutter clips. ![Stringer with gutter clips]()
  4. Attach the lights to the shingle caps. Put these on the side of the roof that will be most visible from the street. Lights Attached to Roof
  5. Leave a long lead for the male connector as this will plug directly into the C9 stringers previously installed on the home. Lead w/ Male Connector
  6. Add an inline female connector to the existing lights. Added In-line Female Connector
  7. Plug the rooftop stringer into the peak stringer. Rooftop Plugged Into Peak