Cincinnati Christmas Lights Installation Adding a royal holiday glow to “The Queen City”

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It’s that beautiful time of year. The leaves are changing colors and drifting slowly to the ground. The brisk fall air is making the birds head south. Friends and families are making plans for the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. And as the weather turns a bit cooler, folks tend to get a bit “festiver”...and that means holiday lights!

Nothing adds that extra bit of ambience and magic to your neighborhood as holiday decorations on the home. A large lit wreath on the front door, a couple colorfully wrapped bushes and trees in the yard, and the outline of the roofline all combine to deliver nostalgia for this time of year.

Of course, with the cool weather and precipitation, installing the lights can be risky business. Ladders can be slippery, gutters can get pretty icy, and as it gets dark earlier it can get harder to find the time to actually put up the decorations. And let’s be serious, holidays spent in the hospital after a hard fall is not anyone’s idea of nostalgia.

What do to?

That’s where we come to the rescue. Our trained and experienced installers do the heavy lifting. They are uniformed, insured, and comfortable working in this type of weather. We’ve done thousands of installations - from one story ranch homes to multi-million dollar estates to HOA’s and office buildings. Every single installation is important to us as we spread good holiday tidings!

How does it work?

Fill out the form and we will contact you to set up a time to discuss your installation. After we’ve understood your vision, we will propose a couple packages that best fit with your budget and timeline. After you schedule, then we get to work. Our packages include leasing of the lights and equipment, installation and guarantee during the season, and take-down at the end of the year. Our lights are commercial grade so problems are rare. But when they do happen, we will be out ASAP to make sure they are back to form for your enjoyment.

We are the leading Christmas light installation company in the Cincinnati metro area. Give us an opportunity to shine for you - so you can have more time with your friends and family! Contact us today as the calendar tends to fill up very quickly!