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Connectors can be installed on the C9 Cord to create custom light stringers and on the lamp wire to create custom length extension cords.

SPT1 connectors must be used with SPT1 cord. These connectors are rated for 8 amps, just like the C9 Cord.

Step-by-Step Installation Instructions

The installation procedure for both male and female connectors are the same. While multiple female connectors can be installed on a line, remember that only one male connector should be attached to the cord!

  1. Cut and seal the wires. Sealed Lamp Cord
  2. Align the lettering of the lamp cord on the same side of the lettering on the connector. If no lettering is on the cord, align the side without the rib along the opposite side of the lettering on the connector. Align Wire with Connector
  3. Place the wire over the connector and hold with thumb. Insert Wire into Connector
  4. Notice the two different ends on the connector cap. The end without the block slides on first over the connector. Connector Cap
  5. Slide the cap onto the connector. Slide Connector On
  6. The connector has been installed. Connector on Lamp Cord

Installing In-Line Female Connectors

Multiple female connectors can be installed on a single lamp cord or light stringer. To do so, the female connector must be slightly modified to fit over the cord.

  1. Identify the back of the female connector. Back of Female Connector
  2. Using a pair of needle-nose pliers, remove this back to match the front. Removing back of Connector
  3. The front and back of the connector should look similiar. Modified Female Connector
  4. Align the lettering of the lamp cord with the lettering on the connector. Align Letters to Letters
  5. The slanted side of the cap should slide over the unmodified side of the connector. Align on Cap
  6. Slide the cap over the connector Slide on Cap