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Cutting Wires

C9 cord and lamp wire can be cut at any length. When cutting C9 cords, make a habit of cutting between sockets. This saves materials and allows connections to be added to the cord.

Avoid cutting hot wires, but if necessary, you may do so by cutting one individual wire at a time. Make an effort never to touch the two wires together or the wire cutters will be destroyed and a breaker may trip.

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Use a pair of wire cutters to cut the cord. Be sure the cord is not plugged in. Cutting Lamp Wire
  2. Notice how the cuts may leave exposed wires. Exposed Wires
  3. Pull the sheathing over these exposed wires. Pulling Sheathing
  4. The sheathing should now extend beyond the wires. Sheathing Over Wires
  5. Use a cigarette lighter to melt the end of the sheathing. Melting Casing
  6. Pinch the sheathing with the needle nose pliers. Pinch Sheathing
  7. The end of the sheathing should now be sealed. Sealed Wire