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Add Style & Beauty Atlanta! Get Professional Installed Patio Lighting

Outdoor lighting and patio lights are becoming a more and more popular addition to Atlanta, GA area yards. Homeowners are discovering that patio lighting can add security and a festive, pleasant atmosphere to their evenings. It can also improve the appearance of their home. Here in Atlanta, professionally installed backyard patio lights can be enjoyed year-round, providing real value. When installed poorly or when using low quality patio stringers however, that value can be greatly diminished. That is why it is critical that when you are considering patio lighting to your Atlanta area home, you contact a professional installer with experience and a reputation for quality.

patio lightsPatio Lights for Your Backyard

When you have us professionally install your patio lights, you are getting high quality, commercial lighting, permanently installed. Our patio lighting uses bulbs that are larger than Christmas lighting, and are tastefully installed with care. Our team of professional, experienced and insured installers can install patio lights to accent one area, multiple areas, or to tastefully illuminate your entire backyard. It can be installed to hi-light certain features of your backyard or for simple illumination. Your family and friends will be impressed with the transformation, and you may find yourself enjoying the out of doors more than ever. Patio lighting will add that something extra to family gatherings like birthday parties and evening barbecues. It can turn an ordinary evening into a celebration. It can provide a romantic escape or a relaxing getaway.

Getting started on your patio lighting project is easy. Simply contact us for an estimate. We will come to your Atlanta area property and discuss your desires. We will then professionally design a display to suit your property. Depending on the number of lights used and installation requirement, our patio lighting displays start at just $750. Installation can be completed in a single day. That very evening you can begin to enjoy your investment in your new professionally installed patio lights.

To get the patio lighting you deserve, contact the Simply Lit team that understands landscaping and is experienced in providing lighting with distinction. Fill out our convenient online form and contact us today.