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eBay Commercial Grade Mini Lights (5mm) @ $5.00 / strand

Want to decorate the outside of your home with outdoor Christmas decorations, but don't want the hassle and inconvenience of hanging Christmas lights? Tired of fixing broken Christmas decorations and burned out Christmas light strings? Would you rather spend your Thanksgiving weekend with family rather than on top of your roof installing the outdoor Christmas decorations?

You're in luck, because Atlanta Loves Christmas Lights will handle all of your outdoor Christmas decorating! We have skilled, professional Christmas light installers who can design a beautiful holiday light display for your home. They have plenty of lights in a variety of colors for any project or Christmas decorating ideas that you have. The installation won't take more than a few hours and you can be assured the outdoor Christmas decorations have been installed correctly, but if anything goes wrong after the installation, just call us back and we'll send an installer to your home to fix the problem. After Christmas, we'll be back to remove the outdoor Christmas decorations, label and bundle the lights, then make a map for the following year. Hanging Christmas lights has never been easier!

Types of Outdoor Christmas Decorations

We sell and install a variety of outdoor Christmas decorations. Learn about a few types of decorations and how we use them in our Christmas light displays.

C9 Lights

Most of our installations include lights on the front of the house. Many customers in Atlanta prefer the traditional incandescent clear C9 light bulb, though we do offer red, green, blue, and amber in any color combination. These larger outdoor Christmas decorations are installed on the front eaves of the home. The lights may also be used to outline planters, pathways, or driveways.

Mini Lights

When thinking of Christmas lights, the mini light probably comes to mind. These lights have a small candle shaped bulb on a braided cord. Between 50 and 100 lights spaced between 3" and 6" are on a single mini light string. These outdoor Christmas decorations are used to decorate trees, railings, fences, and pillars.

Wreaths and Garland

Though most outdoor Christmas decorations are illuminated and only enjoyable after dusk, greenery can be enjoyed during the daylight. Wreaths are typically hung beneath the peaks of the house or over windows. Garland can be used to wrap pillars, decorate fences, railings, and balconies. The greenery is pre-lit and shines beautifully at night when the rest of the outdoor Christmas decorations are lit.