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eBay Commercial Grade Mini Lights (5mm) @ $5.00 / strand

Initial Setup

New customers will receive a free introductory promotion for the remainder of the season. Just provide us with content, or we can have our content writer work with you to produce content for a fee. We'll also need some information about your company and a logo. Once all the information and content has been obtained, we will add your business to the website.

Red C9 LightsOutshine the Competition

Annual Subscription

Prices are subject to Change after the first year. This typically ranges from $99 to $799 per year, but we are looking to develop a price-per-lead program.

Web Content

For all subscribers, we would like three pages of professional web content which explains your business and the services you offer. These pages should include a landing page, and two other pages of your choice, typically an About Page and a FAQ Page. We'll also add your company details the this website and publish the content pages after you approve the text. You many provide the content in HTML format, or you can hire our content writer to produce the content with your help. This is $150. Any additional pages that you would like us to write will be billed at $75 per page.

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