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eBay Commercial Grade Mini Lights (5mm) @ $5.00 / strand is running a promotion throughout 2018. All clients who sign up will receive free leads for the 2018 Christmas lighting season. In order to be listed on the website, you must provide the following information: business information, three pages of web content, your business logo, and a back link from your website.

Business Information

Web Content

Leads are generated organically. This means that we are not actively paying for traffic or generating leads for you. We are relying on search engines to grant us with great rankings so that when people are searching for Christmas light companies online they may find your company. If we do not have relevant content on your web pages listed on, then the pages will not be ranked and nobody is going to find you. Content is essential for getting listed by search engines and showing up in results. No content, no visitors, no leads.

Since this is a promotion and no one is paying this year, we are not going to write this for you nor are we going to pay someone else to write the content. You have to do some work, too. As business owners, we should all realize that we have to work for something if we want it. If you want leads, you have to provide the content.

At least three pages of content is necessary. Each page should be between 400 and 500 words. Typically the three pages are the landing page (the first page people typically see when visiting your listing), an "About Us" page and a "Frequently asked Questions" page. You are free to add more pages (helps rankings) or you can provide different pages such as "Residential" and "Commercial".

I understand that writing may not be your strong point or that you may be busy with other projects. In order to get us the content, you may ask a friend to write, hire your current web guy, hire a content writer, or pay us $150 so we may hire a content writer. Whatever you send us for content, we will modify slightly to make the web copy more Search Engine Optimized. We want your pages to rank well.

Business Logo

Each page on your listing will be branded with your company name, contact info, and your logo. This logo needs to have a transparent background and sized to 284 pixels in width. We can do some basic editing provided your logo is presented with a transparent background.

Back Link

Your company's landing page will have a URL like In order to qualify for the "free leads", you must provide a link from your current website to your URL on Back links are like a voting system where other websites tell search engines who is popular. Popular sites have many content pages (this is why you are providing at least three pages of content) and have many back links. For example on how this works: Wikipedia is generally a top ranked website for many topics. This is because Wikipedia has over 45 million pages and perhaps even more millions of back links) Luckily the Christmas light installation web real estate isn't as competitive as the Wikipedia topics, so we can rank well for a narrow set of Christmas light terms. But the more pages and the more backlinks we have, the more leads everyone gets.

After the Promotion

We've been charging customers $99 and up per year for being listed and have entertained a price-per-lead idea. Leads would be priced around $10 per lead. After this year we can assess how well this website worked for you and can determine a fair price.

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