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We Do Christmas Lights is a professional, Hagerstown, MD Christmas light installation company that was initially founded as a power wash company in 2008. Our desire to help our customers in additional ways and a love of the holiday season led us to start We Do Christmas Lights as a seasonal professional Christmas light installation company in the Hagerstown area. We love bringing smiles and joys to our clients and those who see our displays.

We are pleased to be one of the first to provide such a specialized service in the Hagerstown, MD region.

Our company is headed by our owner, Tim Fields, who is a retired home builder with an appreciation for the quality homes that have been built in our area. Sandy Fields serves as company manager while Dustin Force is our lead installer.

We Do Christmas Lights is a member of the Home Builders Association of Washington County. We have discovered through the years that nice people simply want to deal with nice people when it comes to caring for their nice homes!

We serve a wide area that includes:

We create residential and commercial Christmas light displays that bring joy to all who see them. Not only are you getting a convenient, worry-free, and hassle-free Christmas lighting installation for your home, you are spreading holiday cheer to family, friends, and neighbors. A Christmas lighting display is also a way for business' to say “Merry Christmas”.

Our commercial grade lighting installations in Hagerstown assures you a lighting display that will shine throughout the season. We will even take down your lights and store them until next season if you prefer. You never have to worry about take-down or storing your Christmas lights again!

The best part is that getting a quote is easy! Simply fill out our online form and hit “submit”. Soon, our team at We Do Christmas Lights will do our best to provide an accurate quote at no obligation based on your information. If you enjoy what you read and see, you too could be the next Hagerstown area homeowner to enjoy their fruits of their hard work by scheduling an install from We Do Christmas Lights.

Don't wait. The sooner you get your lights installed, the more time you will have to appreciate them. Contact us or read our Frequently Asked Questions. See why more and more of your Hagerstown area neighbors are choosing We Do Christmas Lights.