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Christmas in Virginia and Fredericksburg is a special time. Cooler temperatures and warmer hearts contribute to the festive atmosphere of our region which includes Spotsylvania, Stafford, and King George. There's the Christmas Parade, the Children's Christmas Tree Lighting, Christmas Open Houses and so much more. The area is also known for its rich tradition of decorating individual residences.

Families will spend hours touring neighborhoods of carefully, and some not so carefully, decorated homes. If you've been considering professionally installed Christmas lighting for you home, we welcome you to learn more about Elf Pros and professional holiday light installations.

Taking Christmas Lighting in Fredericksburg, VA to a New Level

Elf Pros takes professional holiday light installations to a new level. We use brighter, premium quality lighting that is custom cut and professionally installed to fit your home. Elf Pros is “The Professional Christmas Light Installers” in the Fredericksburg area.

Why Choose a Professional Christmas Light Installer?

The reasons for choosing a professional holiday light install for your home are almost countless. It keeps you safe by keeping you from climbing ladders or getting on roofs. It stops the frustration of untangling wires and bulb replacement. It frees up more time for you to enjoy the holidays, and it simply looks so much better. Many of our clients used to do it themselves, but after discovering the safety and convenience of Elf Pros, will never go back!

Experience Counts in Christmas Light Installations

Elf Pros has some of the most experienced LED lighting technicians in the industry. Elf Pros uses all upgraded commercial lights, and we know how to safely install the lights without damaging your property. We've been professionally installing lighting for over 15 years!

We will custom-fit the lights specifically for your home. We oversee the Christmas lighting installation, take care of any issues that may occur during the season, and removing lights following the holidays. We even store them for you for next year's installation. It could be easier or more convenient!

Our Clients Say It All!

“I contacted Elf Pros after a recommendation from a friend. Elf Pros reached out same day and the lights were installed next day! I was super pleased with the customer service and so thrilled with how the lights turned out! You can’t beat having your lights installed and taken down for you during the holiday season! Highly recommend, and will be using them in the future! Thanks again! “ - Ashley Greene

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Getting a free estimate for professionally installed Christmas lights on your Fredericksburg, VA area home is easy! Simply fill out our online form! Have more questions? Check out our FAQs. Let us help make Christmas just a bit brighter for you, your family and your neighbors. Connect with Elf Pros today!