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We think the more you know about Elf Pros, the more you'll choose us for your professional Christmas light installation! We have a professional, friendly team of installers who love the holidays and enjoy spreading the Christmas spirit light by light, line by line and home by home. You'll love the convenience, beauty and ease of having the Elf Pros install your holiday lights in Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania, Stafford, and King George.

The Professional Christmas Light Installers

We started Elf Pros after spending years in the specialty LED and commercial lighting industry. Christmas lighting was a natural extension of our business. Our experience with lighting and lighting installations made us a terrific choice for residential lighting for Christmas and each year we continue to grow!

Meet the Elf Pro Elves

Elf Pros is owned by Paul Gardner. Paul has been in business in our community for over 20 years. Along with Elf Pros, Paul owns and operates Sign Enterprise and Artscapes in Fredericksburg, VA. Paul proudly serves as the Head Elf at Elf Pros.

Wade Brown serves as Operations Manager at Elf Pros. Wade is a military veteran and has been spreading holiday joy through professional Christmas lighting installations in the Fredericksburg, VA area for over 15 years!

Dylan Whitley is Installation Manager for our company. He has been with us for over 9 years. Dylan is a certified LED specialist and crane operator. From modest Christmas light installations to more complex and challenging holiday lighting installs, Dylan is the man!

What Makes Us “Professional” Christmas Light Installers?

It starts with our combination of experience and knowledge. At Elf Pros, we invest heavily in time and money on training our crews on safety and protection of the properties we work on. We take our job seriously and expect nothing less than professionalism from our staff on every level.

Professional Christmas Light Installers that Support Our Community

Elf Pros connects with our community in multiple ways. We get involved with churches in reaching the community. We make donations to support our community both individually and as a company. We are especially proud to support and contribute to local law enforcement.

Referrals Are Our Greatest Compliment

At Elf Pros, we get our greatest satisfaction seeing the smiles on our customer's faces when they first see their displays light up! Our greatest compliments are from the referrals we receive. Last year, a customer was so pleased, they referred us to a friend. We did the friend’s house, who was so happy, they referred us to their own friend. We ended up decorating 3 homes from that initial referral.

Get Your Holiday Lighting Installation Estimate Today!

Getting started is easy. Just fill out our simple form and submit it to us. We will promptly get back to you with an estimate. No matter where you live in the Spotsylvania and Fredericksburg, VA area, let us make your Christmas just a bit brighter. Contact Elf Pros today!