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Decorative Lighting for weddings and Events

As your wedding approaches, you have likely made a number of plans about the venue, food and entertainment, vows, guests, accommodations, and more. One item you may not have considered, however, is wedding lights. Just like the magical power of Christmas lights to instantly transform any home into a bright and shining beacon, beautiful wedding lights can turn your wedding and reception into a one-of-a-kind event that you and your guests will remember forever. At Lighting by Sparky, we know how important your wedding day is to you, and it is our goal to truly make your moment magical with our custom event lighting.

Here are just of a few of the highlights that set Lighting by Sparky apart from our event lighting competitors:


Lighting is all we do, whether it's Christmas lights for your home or wedding lights for your reception. Unlike a DJ or any other all-in-one wedding service provider who may offer wedding lights as a small part of their overall package, we truly know all about event lighting and how to use every bulb and strand to create the most magical, beautiful effect. Selection

Because we specialize in event lighting, we have a HUGE selection of lights for you to choose from. We offer everything from Christmas lights for a holiday-themed wedding to timeless and elegant white bulbs for any season.


Our team of wedding lights installers has over 17 years of experience in event lighting. We are extremely professional and will do everything possible to turn your vision for your wedding lights display into reality.


Whether it's your dream to dance the night away under a soothing summer sky or you enjoy a more intimate indoor setting with soft, romantic lighting, we are here to make that dream happen for you. We will happily install wedding lights inside, outside, or both inside and outside and will use every feature of your chosen venue for maximum effect.

If you are planning your wedding in Little Rock, AR or the central Arkansas region, call, text, or email Lighting by Sparky today to find out more about our wedding lights service or to request an event lighting quote. We hope to make your wedding a truly magical occasion!