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Common Questions

What are the steps of your Christmas light installation service?

The first step is for you to contact us for an estimate. Someone will come to your home and determine a price with you based on the total running feet and height of your home and the design you would like. Once you place an order for Christmas light hanging, they will bring the light strands and all necessary hardware and tools to install your lights. After the holiday season, the Christmas light hangers will completely take down your display and store the lights for the next season. The only thing required of you is the initial call!

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What is the cost of the full Christmas light installation, and do you offer any discounts?

The cost will depend on the size of your home and the strings of lights you choose to use. Once the price for the service is set and you have ordered an installation, there will be no extra charges for anything. There is usually a $200.00 minimum order to install Christmas lights, but most Christmas lighting projects are more.

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Will the installer use my light strands or do I need to use theirs?

Rather than purchase lights, it is recommended that you rent commercial-grade strands as part of the installation package. Installers will provide everything for the installation, including the lights, and take them down for storage after the Xmas season is over. If you choose to use different colors or types of lights for the next season, there is no additional charge. This gives you the flexibility to exhibit a different display each year without having to purchase multiple sets of decorative lights.

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What is the typical lead time for a Christmas light installation?

Installers do get busier as Christmas approaches, but they are typically at your home to install lights no later than five days after you order the service.

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When will the lights be taken down?

Take-down services begin the day after Christmas and will generally have your lights down promptly after the holiday season.

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Is the installation covered under warranty?

Services are typically covered under warranty. If any of your strands fall down or your bulbs burn out, just call the installer to schedule a service call.

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