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Arkansas Christmas light installation companies are locally owned. The owners and their staff of professional Christmas light installers bring expertise, know-how, and an eye for design to any home installation project.

John founded his Christmas light installation business 15 years ago, and that business has since blossomed to include six additional Christmas light hangers and a large pool of satisfied, recurring clients. John began his business when he was prompted to hang Christmas lights for his mother-in-law, who was suffering from cancer and wishing to bring more holiday cheer into her life and home. Seeing the beneficial results his labor brought, he realized that his services could benefit a larger audience. His talents and work ethic now bring enchantment, wonder, and little bit of Xmas magic into the lives of hundreds of individuals in the central Arkansas region with his customized seasonal light displays.

As a 40-year resident of Little Rock, John is a true Arkansan and is familiar with Little Rock and the outlying areas of central Arkansas. If you live in Little Rock, Conway, Maumelle, Benton, or Bryant, John and his crew are eager to visit your home and begin forming a design with you that will make your house a gleaming inspiration to all who see it this Xmas season.

Why choose Lighting by Sparky for your Christmas light installation?

John and his staff pride themselves on their attention to detail and reliability. They know that it is the little things and the extra services that first inspire customers to call and encourage them to come back for service year after year. With Lighting by Sparky, you can rest assured that your seasonal light display is installed with the greatest of care. Professional Christmas light hangers will create a luminous exhibit, customized to the details of your home, and will carefully install and take down the bulbs, strands, and attachments to prevent any collateral damage to your home. You can also be comfortable knowing that there will no surprise hidden charges and that all lights will be hung and taken down in the time and manner promised.

If you are searching for an extra dose of holiday cheer this season, contact Lighting by Sparky today at 501.317.5736. We look forward to crafting an enchanting display for you and everyone in your neighborhood to enjoy!