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eBay Commercial Grade Mini Lights (5mm) @ $5.00 / strand

What’s that tapping on the gutters? Who is walking on the roof? Santa? Donner? Blitzer? Did they break any tiles? And are they insured to be up there?

Funny how the mind drifts when thinking about building your very own winter wonderland in the balmy city of San Diego - America’s finest city.

True, we don’t get much snow or cold weather for that matter, but San Diegans absolutely love the holiday season. And in particular, they love decorating the home with lights. There’s something truly magical seeing palm trees swaying in the breeze that are wrapped tightly with warm white or red mini lights all the way up the tree bulb. And lights on the roofline are standard and expected in the upscale neighborhoods all around the city.

Hire a professional San Diego Christmas Light Installation company! Our motto really says it all, “Let us take care of the lights so you can have more time with your friends and family.” And we really mean it. With a $5M liability policy and trained technicians with years of lighting experience, we remove the risk for you. With our custom-cut lights and expertly designed packages we remove the hassle of untangling last years lights. With our commercial LED lights we ensure that the lights STAY lit and that your power bill doesn’t break the bank. And more than anything, you get to enjoy (along with your friends and family) the beautiful lights during this festive season.

And when we see holiday lights we mean the whole gamut - from garland to wreaths, Christmas tree trimming to permanent party light installation, inflatables, to your traditional C9 tear-drop shaped bulbs. We are here to make your holidays special by adding light!

If you haven’t used us before, we try to make the process simply and painless. Just give us a call. We will have a look at your home, suggest a couple packages that line up with your preferences, and provide open dates for installation. You don’t even have to be home.

All guaranteed, because this type of investment is meant to be enjoyed and cherished. We look forward to your call and we look forward to the opportunity to install lights at your home this year.