San Diego Christmas Light Installations Frequently Asked Questions

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What can I expect when I hire your company to hang Christmas lights at my home?

The first step in the Christmas light hanging process is to meet with you individually to determine your ideas and expectations for your holiday lighting. If you already have ideas for your Christmas decorations and lighting design, we will happily turn your vision into reality. If you need help coming up with a plan for your Christmas lighting, we come prepared with many different ideas and photos from past projects to help you find the perfect Christmas light decorating plan for your home. Once we have settled on a design plan with you, we will quickly draw up a contract for the full Christmas light installation service and, in most cases, begin to hang Christmas lights at your home that very day. If, for whatever reason, we are not able to begin the Christmas light hanging the same day, our team of Christmas light decorators will be at your home the very next day.

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Do you supply the holiday lights and decorations or will you hang Christmas lights I already own?

We would be happy to do either. If you already own Christmas lights and would like our Christmas light installers to use those for Christmas light hanging, we will happily do so. We will also come to your home with a full inventory of lights and equipment if you decide you would like to purchase from us instead or if you need additional holiday lights and decorations to supplement your current supply.

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Do you offer a warranty on your Christmas light installation?

When we install Christmas lights at your home, the quality of the installation is always covered under warranty. We will quickly come to your home to repair any damage. If you choose to purchase your Christmas lighting from us, the lights and equipment are also covered under warranty and guaranteed full replacement if any problems should occur.

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What is the typical lead time on your Christmas light hanging process?

We are proud to offer quick and convenient Christmas light installation services and will be at your home to hang Christmas lights within 24 hours of your call.

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When will you come to take down the lights?

Typically, we are able to take down all of our holiday light installations by a few days after New Year’s Day. If you need the lights taken down sooner than this time line, we would be happy to accommodate your request.

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Is your company insured?

We are fully insured to protect you, your home, and our installers from any unforeseen accidents.

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