Christmas Decorating for Businesses and Offices

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eBay Commercial Grade Mini Lights (5mm) @ $5.00 / strand

As nightfall approaches earlier during the winter months, your business may not be very visible during the busiest shopping season of the year. Installing commercial Christmas lighting at your business' property is a great way to attract customers. Your competitors are taking advantage of Christmas lighting, shouldn't you be as well?

You're busy running your business and probably don't have the knowledge or experience with Christmas lights as we do. Let The Christmas Light Professionals handle your holiday decorating.

We'll provide you with a design consultant to create a display that fits your business. Our most experienced crews will handle the installation. You can lease the commercial Christmas lights and decorations from us to save money. All lights will be on timers so you don't need to worry about your lights not coming on or staying on all night. During the season, we'll be pro-actively maintaining your lights. At the end of the season, you can schedule a specific day to have the decorations removed.