The Christmas Light Professionals Frequently Asked Questions for Park City, UT

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Why should I choose to have my Christmas lights professionally installed?

Some of the many advantages to hiring a professional installation company to hang your Christmas lights include convenience, warranty, and artistic design. You will have a beautiful light display at your home throughout the holiday season without having to do any work of your own. Plus, you can avoid the inherent dangers of Christmas light installation (particularly present in the extreme conditions of Park City) and leave them to professionals who are experienced and prepared.

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What can I expect from your Christmas light installation process?

When you call or fill out our online estimate form, we will contact you to estimate a price for the installation, based on the number of holiday lights you would like installed. You will never be charged more than the agreed-upon estimate price, unless you choose to have additional lights installed.

We will then schedule an appointment with you for the Christmas light hanging. Our team of installers will show up on the scheduled day and time of installation with all of the lights, tools, and equipment required for installation. Once installed, your light display will be covered under warranty throughout the holiday season.

For Park City installations, we will begin take-down services in March, once the snow cover has started to melt from the trees. After your lights are taken down, we will store them at our facility for no additional charge until the next season.

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Do I need to buy your Christmas lights or can I use my own strands?

We are happy to install any lights you already own, but please be aware that these bulbs will not be covered under our warranty. Our team of Christmas light installers will also come with a full inventory of extra lights in their trucks on the day of installation in the case that extra strands are required to complete the desired display.

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Are your installation services covered under warranty?

All installations completed by the Christmas Light Professionals are covered under warranty, from the day of installation until January 1st. Any lights purchased from our inventory are covered under a three-year warranty. If you experience any problems with broken or burned-out bulbs or falling strands during the holiday season, please give us a call. We will promptly respond to service the installation within 48 hours of your call.

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Do you offer price-matching if I find a better price elsewhere?

We will match the price of any Christmas light installation company that is fully insured with both worker's compensation insurance and general liability insurance. Some companies may find it easier to offer lower prices by cutting corners, but you will receive a greater value in the long run and better protection for your home by choosing to use an insured company.

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