FAQ - Light King Common Questions About Christmas Lighting

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Do you install customer-purchased lights?

While exceptions can be made under certain circumstances, we prefer to only use our proven higher-end brand new products that customers will own, but Light King maintains and keeps organized in safe storage each and every season. This keeps all lighting working brightly while allowing us to maintain our lighting guarantee.

What kind of lighting do you offer?

Our primary lighting options include LED C9 and C7 for residential projects. We also have access to other options for larger, commercial projects.

How are your lights purchased and do you buy in bulk?

We purchase our lighting from a supplier warehouse on a project by project basis to limit waste. We can get most products in within 48 hours allowing us to respond promptly to custom designs.

What type of customization options do you offer and do you use any special type of equipment when installing lighting?

We offer a wide-range of custom designs and installations. Simply tells us what you are looking for! The tools and equipment we use are mostly ladders and hand tools, sometimes scissor lifts or a Sky Trac is required for larger projects.

How long have you been doing holiday light installations in Oklahoma City?

While Light Kings is just over five years old, our team has decades of combined experience.

What type of insurance/bond coverage do you have?

We carry general liability insurance to protect both us and the homeowner.

What is a typical price range customers can expect?

Of course, prices will vary greatly upon the type and size of the home and customizations that may be requested. A roof line only project for a 2500 square foot house with a small tree can be as little as $350-$550.

Can you tell us about any guarantees/warranties you have, and how you stand behind your work?

All of our work is fully warranted in writing. We perform routine drive-by checks on our work weekly and are available should winds create an emergency.

When would light removal be expected?

Lights are usually removed within two to three weeks of the New Year.

Do you do both residential and commercial displays?


Do you get a lot of referrals and/or returning customers?

Most of our business is referral and returning business.

How and when do I pay for my service?

75 percent is due following installation and the remaining balance after removal.

What are the factors that determine pricing on a project?

The biggest factors are the size and configuration of the home and property. We also offer new customer discounts and early bird discounts.