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What is the typical process for a Christmas light installation?

Once you call to schedule an estimate for Christmas light hanging, someone will contact you at your home or business to talk with you about what you would like for your holiday light display. The sales person will discuss various options for decorations and work with you to design a holiday light display. A convenient time will then be scheduled with you for the installation.

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If I have my own holiday lights, can I use those or do I need to buy new decorations?

Most installation companies will either work with your existing lights or provide you with new Christmas lights. If additional lights are required to complete the display, the Christmas light hangers will have these on hand and will set a price with you for using the extra lights.

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Are any discounts available on the installation?

Most Christmas light installation companies will offer discounts to customers who have their lights installed during the pre-season, usually in October. Call to speak with a sales rep for specific details.

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Is a warranty offered on the installation?

Professional companies usually warranty every installation throughout the holiday season, from the moment they hang Christmas lights until the lights are removed. If you have a problem with your display, please call the installation company to setup an appointment to have maintenance crew fix your holiday lights.

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How much time does a Christmas light installation usually take to complete?

Actual times depend on the size of the house and the scope of the display, but a typical installation generally takes 2-3 hours for a new installation of lights on the front of the house. Larger projects may take up to an entire day.

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When will the Christmas lights be taken down?

The removal process may start any day after Christmas, but typically begins on January 1st. A few weeks or more may elapse before all customer's Christmas decorations have been removed.

If you have additional questions that you do not see listed here or if you would like to schedule your free estimate, please call us. We are excited to hear from you and brighten up your holiday!

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