FAQ Lexington Christmas Lights

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What areas do you serve?

We serve the entire Lexington, KY area including Georgetown, KY. You will see our displays on some of Lexington's nicest homes!

Will you install the lights I already have?

In order to have the best looking display that functions properly and safely, we do not install customer-owned lights. We buy commercial quality lighting that is guaranteed to work and look beautiful throughout the entire holiday season.

What areas of my home will you decorate?

For the most part, we work with roof lines, gutter lines, bushes and trees. We can wrap tree limbs and install giant wreaths on your Lexington area home as well. Let us know your preferences!

How much does a typical professional Christmas light installation cost?

While your Christmas light installation price will vary depending how extensive and challenging it is to install, our average customer spends about $1,200.

When do I make payment?

Because of the nature of our services, we request payment in full when scheduling your Lexington, KY Christmas light installation. Keep in mind your satisfaction is guaranteed.

When will my Christmas light installation take place?

We schedule on a first come, first served basis. To get the most out of your Christmas light installation we suggest scheduling as early as possible.

What happens if there is a problem with my lights during the season?

We offer a next day guarantee. If lights go out, we will be there the next day to have them fixed and your beautiful holiday display restored.

Is removal included in the price?

Absolutely. We take care of everything from installation, in-season outages, and timely lighting display removal.

When will removal of my Christmas lighting take place?

This can be affected by our somewhat unpredictable Lexington, KY winter weather, but we schedule displays to be removed between January 2nd and 20th.

What type of lighting do you use?

We use C9, mini, commercial quality LED lighting in all colors. This is bright, beautiful and reliable lighting that minimizes energy use.

Do you offer custom installation services?

Certainly. Tell us what you would like or we can create a dazzling, tasteful display that will impress. We can even cut electrical cords on-site to give you the finished, professional Christmas lighting you desire.

Why type of insurance do you carry?

We carry $2 million in general liability coverage.

Do you do commercial Christmas light installations?

Yes. We perform Christmas light installation projects for a variety of businesses and buildings, including government facilities in the Lexington, KY area.