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Established in 1989, The Christmas Light Professionals bring over a quarter center of Christmas light design and installation experience to the Las Vegas, Henderson, North Las Vegas and entire Clark County, Nevada region.

While working part-time for his father as an electrician and running his own window washing company, Vance Brand and his business partner Scott Davis were approached by one of their customers to see if they would be interested in hanging Christmas lights. Vance and Scott thought it was an interesting idea and decided to give it a go. They named the company Image Services and began providing the professional Christmas light installation service annually. After having that one customer that first year, the company continued to grow through a no-quit attitude. In 1998, the name was changed to The Christmas Light Professionals to better identify the company's core services.

Today, The Christmas Light Professionals continue to elevate the quality and integrity of Christmas light installation services in Las Vegas. The Christmas Light Professionals is now privately owned and operated by Vance and his brother Ryan Brand. The duo has been hanging Christmas lights since they were in college and have continued to do so every season. Vance and Ryan learned their dedication to professionalism and work ethic from their father, Dean Brand, who was an electrical engineer and operated his own electric company.

The Christmas Light Professionals offer the best value in Christmas lighting throughout the areas they serve including Paradise, North Las Vegas, Henderson, Las Vegas and more. They provide free estimates, free three-year product warranty, free warranty on installations and free display removal in January. In addition, they can provide for storage of Christmas lighting at no additional cost to you. The Christmas Light Professionals price-match other professional companies who carry liability insurance and worker's compensation insurance. You can have peace of mind and confidence when you select The Christmas Light Professionals for your Las Vegas Christmas Light installation.

Quality Products, Custom-fit for Your Installation

Whether you are in search of a professional Christmas light installation service in Las Vegas for a private home, business, HOA or government building, the Christmas Light Professionals deliver with commercial quality, LED lighting products made for your specific display. They discretely minimize the visibility of cords and wires creating a neat, clean appearance. Lights are placed on a timer so you can control exactly when lights go on and off, based on your preferences.

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If you are tired of the hassles of DIY Christmas light displays or are simply ready to step up your game, contact The Christmas Light Professionals for a free quote today. Remember, our professional Las Vegas Christmas light installation schedule is based on a first-come, first-served and repeat customer basis so reserve your date today. Enjoy happier and brighter holidays with a superior holiday light display from The Christmas Light Professionals of Las Vegas.