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eBay Commercial Grade Mini Lights (5mm) @ $5.00 / strand

Ho, Ho, Ho, it’s Merry Christmas time! And in central Michigan that translates into many thanks - from a trip to Frankenmuth and Bronners CHRISTmas wonderland, to snowmobiling on the trails, to a nice cup of eggnog after a day of sledding.

There’s much to see and do in Michigan. Of course, us Michigan folks love our Christmas lights. But lights aren’t so easy to install when you can’t feel your toes - or your fingers. And the ladders get a bit slippery when the snow is pouring down off the roof. And the gutters do tend to get a bit slick as the icicles take up their winter residence.

What to do? Call All-Clean! Soft Wash. In the warmer months we are the go-to for window, gutter, and soft washing. We spend our days on roofs and in other precarious positions. But when it gets cold, we can be found doing our best work around the Fenton metro area installing Christmas lights. Custom-cut to your home, designed with your preferences, and guaranteed for the life of the season. We guarantee you’ll be more than happy. And presumably that includes your children, grandchildren, and whoever else drives by your home. Give All-Clean! Soft Wash a call.

What’s the process? One of our trained estimators will drop by your home and walk around with you. We will ask a few questions to really understand your vision for the lights. We might provide a few ideas based on our experience. And then we will give you a no-hassle price. Our price includes the installation, the guarantee that the lights will work during the holiday season, and the take-down at the end of the season. And with leasing the lights comes total freedom on next year’s selection - if you want to change the color you can do so very easily!

So what’s next? Just give us a call! Let us build a winter wonderland for you and your family. You stay warm and dry, skip hanging off a ladder this year and instead spend more time indoors with your loved ones.

We look forward to hearing from you!