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Christmas in Charlotte, NC can mean ice skating at the Whitewater Center, watching the Panthers Tree Lighting, visiting the Charlotte Christmas Village, taking in the lights and displays at the Speedway Christmas or a host of other fun, family activities. There always seems plenty to do in the Charlotte area. It may even include packing up the family for a trip around town, catching the brilliant Christmas lights on display. There are the big commercial lighting displays of downtown and the shopping areas and the neighborhood displays to be discovered in communities like Rock Hill, Davidson, Fort Mill, Mathews, Cornelius and elsewhere.

Sadly, for some, the holidays will still include dragging down those plastic bins of lights and decorations from the attic, garage and in the basement to put up your own display. Before you go wrestling with those wires, lights, and extension cords this years, consider the better way. Consider having your home's holiday display professionally installed. You'll also love the comments from family, neighbors and friends!

With your Charlotte professional Christmas light install, you don't have to climb dangerous ladders. You won't fight nasty, tangled light strands, looking for replacement bulbs. You don't have to worry about having enough extension cords and the unpredictable Carolina weather becomes someone else's problem! You'll also find yourself under less stress with more relaxing time with the family.

How does it work? Simply fill out our simple, free, Christmas light installation quote form. We'll be quickly back in touch to provide your no-obligation price. Should you decide to move forward, we can discuss details of your quote. We'll schedule an installation date for your holiday lights and before you know it, you'll be the envy of your neighborhood. Whether you are looking for a simple roof outline or a custom light display, you'll be glad you made the time saving choice for professional installation.

You'll also have peace of mind knowing your lighting display is guaranteed throughout the season. Your display will look as good on the January day we take it down as the day it was set up. Not only will we take down your display, but we store it for you, hassle-free, until next fall! You no longer need those plastic bins of outdoor lights taking up room in your home.

We invite you to learn more about us and why we are so passionate about installing Christmas lighting displays in the Charlotte, NC area. We've even included a series of frequently asked questions. Most importantly, we encourage you to fill out our free, online price request form. There is absolutely no obligation. Remember, the sooner you reserve your installation date the sooner we can get started. The sooner we get started, the longer you and your family will have to enjoy your professionally installed holiday lights!