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What should I expect from your Christmas light installation process?

Because we know what a busy time the holiday season can be for everyone, it is our ultimate goal to make our Christmas light installation process as convenient and hassle-free as possible. Once you call or email to schedule an estimate, one of our Christmas light installers will come to your location to take measurements, speak with you, and set a price for the complete installation. We will then set an appointment with you to install the lights. After the holiday season is over, our crew of lighting technicians will take down your lights, safely package and store them, and place them in a secure storage facility until the next holiday season. Throughout the entire process, nothing is required of you but to enjoy the wondrous effects of your expertly installed holiday light display.

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What is a typical price for your Christmas light installation service?

The total price of the service will vary greatly depending upon the size of your home and the number and type of light strands you'd like to use. At the time of estimate, one of our lighting technicians will set a final price for the installation with you. We do require a minimum $195.00 purchase for our Christmas light installation service.

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How do I know if I am in your installation area?

We are centered in Erie, CO and hang Christmas lights throughout Boulder County and Broomfield County. If you are interested in our installation services but are concerned about your location, please feel free to give us a call. We will happily expand our installation region to broaden our customer base and brighten the holidays of more Coloradans.

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Is your Christmas light installation service covered under warranty?

Once your holiday lights are installed, the installation is completely covered under warranty. If you experience any problems with your display during the holiday season, please let us know. A lighting technician will respond as soon as possible to your service call to correct the problem.

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Will you install my own lights or do I need to buy yours?

If you already have your own Christmas lights that you would like to use, we are happy to install them for you. We also offer a complete line of commercial grade decorative lights if you would rather purchase from us. Please note that only lights purchased from us will be covered under our warranty.

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