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In this second article of the #Ideas series, we show you options for decorating the pine trees in your yard using Christmas lights you wouldn't normally use inside of your home and with methods that work great for outdoor Christmas trees.

Turn Your Ornamental Pine Trees Into Christmas Trees!

The same mini lights you use to decorate the Christmas tree inside of the home may also be used to light outdoor pine trees. For a brighter look, the C9 bulb can also be strung in the outdoor Christmas trees. A different method of wrapping the branches is used when decorating outdoor trees, but the lights are the same.

The pines in the front yard may not be the same species or type of tree typical of a traditional Christmas tree in the home. These outdoor trees are usually larger, awkwardly shaped, and not as full in foliage. These trees may not make the prettiest Christmas tree for displaying inside your home, but viewed from a distance, they'll look amazing if decorated correctly.

Weaving Pine Trees

A few options exist for stringing lights in these outdoor trees which depend on the available budget for both lights and time. The removal of the lights needs to be considered with either option. Below are some examples of a random "weave" with varying amount of coverage. More lights will cost more money and take more time to install and remove. This weave method distributes the lights randomly within the tree with no noticeable pattern. Trees up to 15 feet in height are woven, though any size tree can be decorated using this method.

Wrapping Pine Trees

For larger trees over 15 feet, the Christmas lights can be wrapped around the tree in circles with a uniform spacing between each wrap which may be noticeable if the wraps are more than six to eight inches apart. This is an economical method for decorating taller trees. A candy-cane wrap using alternating wraps of clear and red lights can be used when wrapping trees.

Wrap Trees with C9 Bulbs

For very large trees of 25 feet or taller, LED C9 bulbs with a spacing of 24 inches can be woven in the tree to create a random pattern of large lights within the tree. LED Lights are recommended because of the lower power consumption and their durability.


Decorating the outdoor pine trees with lights is a great way to brighten a holiday light display. By using different types of lights and methods of stringing Christmas lights in trees, an aesthetic look can be achieved.

For step-by-step instructions and detailed photographs, checkout how-to hang Christmas lights on a tree as part of our installation manual.

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