Christmas Light Decorating Ideas

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Christmas lights can be used to decorate many different features on your home. In this blog post, we will show some fun examples of ways to decorate the outside of your home for the holidays.

Our Christmas light installers provide Christmas light hanging services for all types of residential homes. No job is too big or too small. Houses, trees, bushes, walkways, windows, fences, arches, doors, and more can be decorated. Our Christmas light hangers carry a large selection of Christmas lights and decorations so there's no need for you to have to provide your own lights.

A great way to get holiday decorating ideas is to visit the galleries and look for something you like. You may read about some different Christmas decorating ideas and exterior Christmas lights below. Click on the titles to see examples and read more.

  • Christmas lights on the house Most homes are decorated by hanging Christmas lights on the front eves of the home. Any eve that is visible from the street should be decorated.
  • Christmas Trees Pine trees and leafy deciduous trees can be lit with mini lights. There are a few different ways to decorate trees, each way has a different look.
  • Bushes Decorating bushes are a great way to light up a display and keep costs low.
  • Garland, Wreaths, and Fences Garland can be used to decorate pillars, fences, or railings. Wreaths can be hung underneath peaks of the home.
  • Windows, Doors, Pillars, and Arches Hanging Christmas lights around windows, doors, pillars, and arches can add more lights to brighten a display.
  • Rooftops Decorating the actual rooftop with outside Christmas lights is a great way to complete a design.

Hanging Lights on the Front Eves

When decorating for Christmas, be sure to hang lights on the house. The clear C9 bulb is the most common decoration and is available in a variety of colors. We can provide any color combination that you may like.

Clear C9 Christmas Lights on Front Eves

This home is decorated with clear C9 lights on the front eves. Clear lights are a simple, yet elegant choice for lights. Notice how the outdoor Christmas lights make clean transitions between eves and extension cords are hidden from sight.

Clear Icicle Lights on Front Eves

The popular icicle lights look great on homes with flat eves and few peaks. LED lights are a bit more expensive, but are much more durable; they are a must for icicle lights.

Red Green White C9 Lights on Front Eves

Different color combinations can be used to decorate your home. This home is decorated with clear, red, and green C9 lights. Light colors that reflect the tones of your house always enhance the beauty of the holiday display.

Multicolor Lights

Rather than alternating colors every bulb, the lights on this home alternate between red, blue, green, and amber every three bulbs. This gives the exterior Christmas lights a unique look and can be very fun.

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Decorating Christmas Trees Outside

Decorating Christmas trees with mini lights can turn an ordinary display into a fantastic Christmas light display. Pine trees and deciduous trees can be decorated in a variety of ways and in an assortment of colors.

Christmas Light Display With Trees

Decorating outdoor Christmas trees around this home creates a beautiful Christmas light display. These trees are decorated in the Christmas colors: red, green, and clear. The colors were chosen to match the C9 lights on the house.

Christmas Lights on a Deciduous Tree

This Christmas tree is decorated with clear mini lights that follow the outline of the tree branches. This method of decorating maintains the shape of the tree. This particular tree is about 20' in height and has over 30 strands of mini lights.

Large Pine Trees Decorated With Christmas Lights

These 25' pine trees are decorated with about 30 strands of LED mini lights. The lights are randomly wrapped in the tree to avoid showing any particular pattern. A tree this size can take up to two hours to decorate.

Christmas Lights Wrapped Around a Deciduous Tree

Multi color mini lights are wrapped around this deciduous tree to give a nice look without being too expensive. A professional installer can hang lights with an even spacing between strands.

Christmas Tree Wrapped in Lights

Wrapping mini lights around a pine tree can save money while still looking professional. By using an extension pole, an Xmas light installer can decorate tall Christmas trees with heights up to 45 feet.

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Decorating Bushes with Christmas Lights

Bushes can be decorated to enhance a Christmas light display.

Bushes decorate this Christmas light display

The bushes have been decorated with mini lights to direct attention to the entrance way.

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Christmas Garland and Wreaths

Christmas garland and wreaths add finishing touches to a well-designed holiday light display. Pre-lit garland and wreaths look very natural and add more lights to your home.

Wreathes decorate the peaks on this home.

Lit wreaths hang beneath the peaks of this home.

Mini lights decorate the fence around this home.

Mini lights are used to decorate the fence and gate surrounding this home. Hanging lights on structures and trees near the street attract attention to display when the home is located off the street.

Garland hanging on the railings of the balcony.

Garland hangs on the railings of this balcony.

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Windows, Doors, Pillars, and Arches

Christmas lights decorate the archway.

Christmas lights outline the archway to the entrance of this lodge in Park City, Utah. Doing so brings attention from the out-of-sight roof line to the entrance way. The display looks great from a distance and at the door step.

Lights outline the windows.

The windows of this home are decorated with clear C9 Christmas lights. Typically, windows are outlined with mini lights. Lights are attached to the windows with adhesive mounting bases which the lights are zip-tied to. The decorations are temporary and cause no permanent damage to your home.

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Decorating the Roof with Christmas Lights

The rooftop can be decorated with lights to create a brighter display. The lights are attached to the shingles with plastic clips and causes no damage to the roof.

Christmas Lights on Rooftop

Clear C9 lights decorate the front eves and rooftop of this home.

Christmas Lights on a Flat Roof Line

Decorating the rooftop of a home with flat eves can give an impression of peaks and make the lights look much more impressive.

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