Utah County Christmas Lights Frequently Asked Christmas Light Installation Questions

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Questions About Our Christmas Light Installation Service

How is the price to hang Christmas lights determined?

Many companies in Utah valley will price the decorations according to the type of lights used and the amount of lights installed. More lights, more money. Lights installed on the house are typically charged a price-per-foot varying from $1 to $2.50 per foot, depending on the type of Christmas light installation compay you hire. Trees are typically priced per strand and how those strands are installed. When receiving quotes from multiple holiday decoration companies, be sure to realize that you may receive different quotes based on how many lights are installed and how they are installed.

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When I can I expect my Christmas lights to be installed and taken down?

Once you obtain an estimate to purchase Christmas lighting service, the company can generally be at your home within a week to hang Christmas lights. Please note that the calendars may fill up as Thanksgiving Day approaches, so it's always best to call early in the season for the fastest service. After the holiday season is complete, crews of Christmas light hangers usually come to your home to take down the lights before the end of January.

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Are the Christmas light strands provided or can I use lights I already own?

Depending on the company you hire, you may be able to use your own decorations. Most professional companies use the same type of decoration, though sometimes these decorations may be of poor quality or condition. Be sure to ask if you may use your lights when obtaining a quote.

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Is there any discount or promotion offered for the Christmas light installation?

In Provo and Utah County, it's common to receive a discount for installations completed in the month of October. This early-bird discount is not offered by every company, so be sure to ask when you speak with the Christmas light design consultant.

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