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Making your Southern Utah home is the best looking on the block this Christmas

It’s that magical time of year again. Christmas is coming and it’s time to start thinking about your holiday lights and decorations.  That’s where the Simply Christmas Lights of St. George come in. Located in St. George, we are now offering Christmas light installation services throughout Washington County and Iron County, and we guarantee that our professional Christmas lighting will make your home the best looking on the block. Give us a call today to schedule a FREE estimate and check out some of the details that set our Christmas light installation company apart from the competitors.

Christmas Light Installation Done Right

We are professional Christmas light installers, and we take pride in our work. Attention to detail and clean, professional installations are our hallmarks. When we install Christmas lights at your home, we want the installation to look clean and neat during the light of day and full of magical wonder under the nighttime sky. That’s why we custom-fit all of our lights to fit under the roof and carefully install all holiday lights and extension cords so nothing is left hanging off the house.

Trouble-Free Christmas Light Installation

We know you have better things to do during the holiday season than spend hours on a ladder hanging holiday lights. Our professional Christmas light installation service is intended to offer you a beautifully designed, fully lit landscape with zero effort on your part. Let us take care of lighting your home and trees this holiday season, and you won’t have to worry about a thing with your decorations.

Full-Service Christmas Light Installation

We do more than just install Christmas lights. Our Christmas installation package is truly a full service that lasts throughout the year. We are proud to offer the ultimate in professional Christmas light installation, including:

If you are looking for the best professional Christmas light installation that St. George and Southern Utah have to offer, call Simply Christmas Lights today. Your home will truly be the best looking house on the block!