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eBay Commercial Grade Mini Lights (5mm) @ $5.00 / strand

Simply Christmas Lightsof St. George is managed and operated by Stephanie Johnson. Stephanie has worked in Christmas light decorating for years and is excited to bring his talents and experience in holiday lighting to the St. George area, she brings a level of expertise and professionalism to his work that truly makes his projects stand out. The company motto of the Simply Christmas Lights of St. George is to make each home they decorate the best looking home on the block, and that goal guides every project they take on. Call today to schedule an estimate and to find out how you could soon be enjoying the benefits of professional Christmas decorations at your home this holiday season.

About Simply Christmas Lights – Southern Utah

Simply Christmas Lights of Southern Utah pride themselves on their clean and professional installation services. They are fully licensed and insured Christmas light decorators and take their work very seriously. Due to their experience, every installation project is completed efficiently and cleanly with attention to detail and a truly outstanding final result. Strong customer service is an essential part of their business, and everything they do is focused on meeting and exceeding customer expectations. On the day of installation, the Christmas light decorators come completely prepared with all necessary lights, tools, and equipment to install a beautiful display of holiday lights that will leave everyone in your neighborhood in awe. All installations are covered under warranty until Christmas Day, and all problems are fixed in a friendly and efficient manner within 48 hours. Once the holiday season is over, convenient take-down and optional off season storage services are provided at no additional charge. With Simply Christmas Lights of Southern Utah, you are putting your home in the hands of true professionals who will transform it into a stunning wonderland of holiday cheer.