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How does your Christmas light installation process work?

After we receive the initial call from you, we will either come to your home or provide an estimate over the phone. Once a price for the installation is set, we will schedule an appointment at a convenient time for you for our Christmas light installers to come to your home (typically within 3-4 days of your estimate). The average installation job takes approximately 2-3 hours to complete. We will set a convenient take-down date with you at the time of installation (or give you a call in January) and come to your home to remove the strands some time after January 2. For a small fee, we also offer light storage during the off-season for interested customers.

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Why should I have my Christmas lights professionally installed?

There are a number of reasons to hire a professional Christmas light installation company. Firstly, you can leave the risk and inconvenience of hanging your own Christmas lights to professionals who have the necessary equipment and expertise. Secondly, you can select from high-quality, commercial-grade bulbs and strands that are guaranteed to last for many years. Lastly, you can enjoy the beauty and artistry of a professional Christmas light display--including installation, take-down, and yearly storage--without having to lift a finger of your own.

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How early do you begin hanging Christmas lights?

We start installing Christmas lights each year as early as the first of October. This allows us to offer great discounts to customers who order service before November 1 and focus on new customers who contact us later in the holiday season.

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Do you provide the lights or can I use lights I already have?

We have an ample stock of holiday lights we can use for your Christmas light installation, or we would be happy to install your own lights for you if you prefer.

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Do you offer any discounts for your Christmas light installation service?

We offer a 15% "early-bird" discount for installs between Oct 1st – Oct 10th and 10% for installations between October 11th - November 1st. Schedule early and take advantage of our discounts to save money and avoid any installation delays during a peak of the season.

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Do you offer any warranty for your installation services?

If you are using our LED C9 lights, we offer a no-cost, three-year warranty on lights and installation. Whether you are using our lights or your own, if any problem occurs due to poor installation, we will come out immediately and fix the problem at no charge to you.

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What is the average charge for your Christmas light installation (labor only)?

We charge by the foot, with prices varying between $1 and $1.50 per foot, depending on your roof type and the amount of lights you'd like installed. If you would like us to hang Christmas lights in any trees on your property or provide additional decorations, we determine the cost on a case-by-case basis at the time of estimation. Take-down services are assessed at a flat fee of $75, paid in January at the time of take-down.

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What payment methods do you accept?

We happily accept cash, check, or any major credit card for our Christmas light installation services. Payments made by the credit card will incur a 3% fee on top of the installation price.

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