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RyCo Christmas Lights was formerly known as Logan Loves Christmas Lights before changing the name in 2018. The new company is managed by Ryan and Courtney Bringhurst. Ryan has been running the business since the fall of 2017 since the previous owners moved on. During Ryan’s first season of doing Christmas Lights he met Courtney and even got engaged on Christmas day.

Christmas Light Installation Services

RyCo Christmas Lights provide the best quality of Christmas Lights. Our inventory includes everything that Anderson Seed and Garden carries. Incandescent and LED lights of all sizes and types are readily available. As for light stream and multifaceted bulbs orders are often required so it is recommended to contact us as soon as possible. We will arrive at your home or business with all the necessary tools, equipment, and lights to design and install a holiday light display that your family and friends will all be able to enjoy.

RyCo Christmas Lights believe in providing value to those we serve. That is why we get the best quality lights, and clips and even timers so your holidays are hassle free and can be enjoyed in a warm home with those you care most about.

About the Owners

Ryan and Courtney got engaged on Christmas day and even while on a hike in 0 degree temperatures. You could say that is partly why they like putting up christmas lights as a business. For them, as for many others, it is a special time of the year and what better way to provide value to people then by lighting up their Christmas!

Ryan & Courtney both studied and got masters degrees at Utah State University. They continue to pursue their own careers throughout the rest of the year and enjoy living life intentionally. Courtney does landscape architecture, trail map designing as well as tree trimming. Ryan is an exercise physiologist and a strength and conditioning specialist. They both live for spending time in the mountains and they love doing just about anything in them.