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eBay Commercial Grade Mini Lights (5mm) @ $5.00 / strand

Whether it’s roof-line, windows, landscape, or tree lighting, JVS Christmas Lighting will turn your home or business into a festive winter wonderland. From large to small, we can make any size property look fantastic. We have affordable Christmas light installation leasing options for everyone.

Our Process and Products

Today it is becoming increasingly difficult for homeowners to find the time and energy to decorate their property and still have time to enjoy the holidays. That’s where we come in. We provide you with a beautiful design, supply the product, installation, support, removal & secured storage then return next year to hang Christmas lights again.

We will provide you with decorating ideas or turn your existing ideas into a reality. Get started with a free estimate and design consultation for your upcoming Christmas lighting project!


Enjoy ease and flexibility with our season-long guarantee, not just the first year, but every year.

Dazzling Roof Outlining

The framework on any breathtaking Christmas light display begins with a detailed outline of your roof-line.

Garland & Greenery

Create a warm, welcoming entry with beautiful daytime decor. Our garland is a must-have foundation for your holiday decorating. Pre-lit greenery will bring the elegance to life at night!


Our wreaths are full lush, realistic greenery with crisp, brilliant lights.

Car Stopping Trees & Shrubs

Well-lit trees and shrubs add spectacular twinkle to any landscape.


Eye-Catching Ground Lighting

The spirit of Christmas comes alive with outlines of walkways, beds and driveways with beautiful ground lighting.

Stunning Windows

Window lighting can be enjoyed by you and your guests from the outside and inside.

Interior Decorating

Let us decorate the inside of your home comfortable with all the warmth and joy of Christmas.

Book Early to Save!

Schedule an appointment today so we can start planning your custom display! Our goal is to put together a unique design that fits into your budget.

Our impressive selection and competitive prices with world class client services makes it easy to bring the joy and spirit of Christmas to any home or business.