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Christmas Lights Factory is a family owned Bend, Oregon based professional Christmas light installation company. We serve the entire Central Oregon region with lighting displays that brightens peoples’ lives.

Christmas Lights Factory was started in 2008 by Brennan and Melody Morrow. Since then, it has grown to include sons Keegan and Jevan, who now have four years of Christmas lighting experience. Joining the team is local long-time contractor Mathew Torney.

We design and install Christmas light displays for residential and commercial customers. Our designs are created to complement the architecture and the neighborhood.

Community Involvement

Christmas Lights Factory aren't just involved in Christmas lights, we are involved in our community. We are a member of multiple civic organizations including the Santa’s Helper Club. One of our first projects, in our very first year in business, was with Grandma's House, a transitional home for pregnant teens.

“When a young mother is at Grandma’s House during the holidays it is truly her darkest time. Away from family, friends and their traditions she will often suffer from depression. Her depth of sadness can be overwhelming. What we have found, is that when the beautiful Christmas lights are put up and turned on, they immediately evoke joy and uplift spirits. They are truly a therapy in their own right. We watch as our girls go from sadness to baking cookies, crafting and creating Christmas gifts for family and friends. There is laughter and holiday celebration in the air. It really goes beyond colorful lights on a house; it brings light to their heart.

We look forward to this holiday gift every year!

Love and blessings to the Morrow Family, from all of us at Grandma's House!”

Our flagship donation project is being a part of LightUpBend.com. Through these donations, we have discovered the true value of our service. It is how our lighting displays brighten lives.

Let Our Roof Monkeys Spring Into Action for You!

Our Roof Monkeys from the North Pole are ready to spring into action for you.

Getting Started is Easy

If you are considering a holiday display this season, consider the ease, convenience and safety of a Christmas light installation from Central Oregon’s Christmas Lights Factory. Simply contact us and tells us what you may have in mind. If you like, we’ll jump right in and do our thing based upon your budget. Remember, our work is 100% guaranteed. Brighten up the season with a call to Christmas Lights Factory today!